Non-prescription medicine

  • Forzhekt


    Indications for application: Symptomatic treatment of constipation in adults and children older than 8 years.

  • D- Forzhekt

    D- Forzhekt

    Colon Cleansing in the preparation of the patient to:

    - Endoscopic or radiological study of intestinal canal
    - Surgical interventions requiring the absence of content in  intestinal canal.

  • Ratsium



    The drug has a calming, sleeping, spasmolytic effect.

    The finely powdered rhizome powder with valerian roots has a calming effect, and also improves the quality and duration of sleep.

    Melissa herb powder - soothing and spasmolytic, powder of peppermint leaves - spasmolytic, moderate soothing effect.

    Indications for use

    In the complex therapy of non-severe functional disorders of the central nervous system (neurasthenia and sleep disorders)